High Tensile Fasteners

Bolt-In Co carries a range of high tensile fasteners which are available from our store in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. We stock a wide range of high-tensile bolts in metric and imperial systems in course and fine thread pitches. In addition to our in-store range, we can also rapidly order in the bolts you need (depending on quantity). Learn more about high tensile bolts and their applications on this page. Contact us for more information.

What is a High Tensile Fastener?

High tensile fasteners are for applications which involve pressure or movement. They are typically made of steel with a high carbon content, which makes them stronger and more resistant to stretching and breaking under pressure than regular bolts.

High tensile bolts are commonly used in construction, engineering, and manufacturing applications where structural integrity is critical and high loads are expected.

High Tensile bolts are also commonly used in automotive applications, including general purpose work, retrofitting and customisations. Examples include bull bars, trailers, draw bars, tow bars, side steps; suspension, lifting, lowering, engine mounts.

We provide high tensile in a fine thread pitch which is usually preferable for automotive applications.

Essential High Tensile Information

High Tensile fasteners come in 2 different systems: Metric and Imperial. Within these systems, there are 2 different thread pitches: course and fine. Knowing the system and thread pitch (and the bolt diameter) is important when replacing bolts. There's some more information about this below.

Metric & Imperial Systems

Our high tensile range is available in both metric and imperial systems. These systems use different diameters and thread pitches -they’re not interchangeable. If you’re replacing a bolt, it’s essential to know which system is used by the old bolt, so you can replace it with an identical new bolt. Matching bolts is something our team can assist with - don't hesitate to ask if you need assistance with this.

Fasteners We Stock

We stock a wide range of high tensile fasteners. If we don't have exactly what you're looking for, we can order in what we need (depending on quantities). Ask our team and we'll let you know the way forward.

Course & Fine Thread Pitches

Thread pitch refers to the distance between the threads on a bolt. Our high-tensile range is available in course (less threads) and fine (more threads) thread pitches.

This applies to both metric and imperial systems, although they use different terminology to describe the pitches.

A fine thread pitch is usually used in automobile applications, due to the increased clamping force, torque, & vibration resistance. Course (or standard) and fine thread pitches have different purposes and applications.

Whichever way you go, Bolt-In Co is here to support you with a large range of high-tensile bolts in both varieties of thread pitch. 

Automotive Bolts

Automotive fasteners come in 2 variants (broadly speaking): genuine and generic. Genuine automotive bolts are supplied by the car manufacturer. They may use a flanged bolt (with an integrated washer). Generic bolts don’t have the integrated washer, but otherwise achieve the same function as the genuine part, at a fraction of the price (e.g. $2 vs $27). Thanks for the great picture, Classic Cars Sunshine Coast!

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High Tensile/Mild Steel Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners

(Metric, Metric Fine and Imperial)
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  • Hex Bolts
  • Socket Head Cap Screws
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  • Nylocs
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